January 17 Rain

How is it going, guys?

I am fine and I am continuing to look for a job. It's more difficult that I imagined. The most companies require the perfect communication skill :(.  But I don't hang down head. 

Today, not only today, since Sunday, has been raining. And I am afraid that it will not stop at all. Tell me about weather in your country.

I was going to my second English lesson under rain. There we had to interview each other with 5 questions: one question - one person. It was so exciting, I made acquaintance with classmates and we caught up a little.

After that I ran to the Costco to drop off my old car battery. Guess why? Costco paid me back 15$ for it :). I like Costco. Then I drove to the library to borrow books for English class, I mentioned about it yesterday. In which stores do you go and why? I go to the Costco because a lot of products there are cheaper.

And at last I went at 13.30pm to the school to assist the teacher. Today I checked children out with multiplication table. Tomorrow I will go again. Actually I volunteer at the school 2 days per week.

This is our school:

I found this video on the Youtube, where you can see neighborhood.

After our returning home I did my course American English Consonants Pronunciation Practice and finished chapter 20 "Time Tracking" and chapter 21 "Payroll" of course Mastering QuickBooks 2016 Made Easy Training Tutorial . I can't wait when I complete it.

In the evening I was listening American Life  and cooking supper. Not too much :)

What about you? Please share you day experience. Maybe you volunteer as well?

Don't forget about our week challenge:

Week3-Phrases "In the flash" and "per se"

Week3 - phrasal verbs

Also I remind if  someone want to write own posts like me, He/she will be able to do it  at the forum or he/she can write me and I will do for him/her the new category here.

At last what I listened:

and this guy

I friendly remind, you can write down your article below in the comments, check out my article and correct me. I will do it for you and help you to improve English. Thank you.

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